Total Body Reformation

Dental Procedures Overseas

Our partnered dentist provides affordable dental treatments, cosmetic dentistry and full mouth restoration delivering top quality dental treatment utilising cutting edge technology in aesthetic dentistry and restorations.

Total Body Reformation Central Coast Sydney

Preventive Dentistry

Removes plaque and tar tar with our latest piezo LED ultrasonic scaler that is quiet and painless, ensuring maximum comfort. 

Bleeding gums? Plaque and tartar present underneath the gums Sub-gingival deep cleaning is just the solution.

Worried about tooth decay or improper tooth brushing in children? Fissure sealant  is a preventative method that provides a coating over the tooth surface to reduce decay.

Routinely done after scaling to help strengthen your teeth.

A great solution for post chemotherapy/ radiotherapy , immunocompromised patients or children with high risk of decay. 

Teeth Whitening
Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Dentistry

Painless, minimally invasive and the quickest way to achieve white sparkly teeth.

Have a hectic schedule with no time to visit your dentist? Our take home teeth whitening kit is suitable for the on-the-go patient.

Have fillings that are discoloured, dark and unsightly? Replacement of silver fillings are available, done under the strict protocols to reduce aerosol inhalation of mercury.

Total Body Reformation Central Coast Sydney
Total Body Reformation Central Coast Sydney

Minimally Invasive Smile Design

A beautiful smile is now within your reach. A combination of veneers, crowns and orthodontic braces as well as Invisalign.

Custom Made EMAX , IPS Empress of Ivolar provides natural and translucent veneer/ crowns for a beautiful smile. 

Prosthodontics (Dentures)

Latest Nylon dentures that are flexible and break resistant.

Basic or temporary dentures for patient. Repairs to broken acrylic dentures. 

Lightweight and durable dentures for our patients that are  made with maximum comfort in mind.

Total Body Reformation Central Coast Sydney
Total Body Reformation Central Coast Sydney

Root Canal Therapy (RCT) and Crown

Single visit or dual visit treatment available. Utilising laser sterilisation therapy and the latest rotary instruments direct from the USA. Saving your tooth from extraction.

Full porcelain crown that gives maximum aesthetic results along with superior stain resistance and long lasting results.

Durable crowns that are chip resistant, hard wearing and suitable for molars.

Laser Therapy

PerFect TCS II is a high frequency electrosurgery system, which helps to manage soft tissue with greater efficiency, greater precision and less bleeding than the common dental scalpel.

  • Reduces chair time by simplifying operative procedures and maintaining hemostasis
  • Provides unequalled cutting precision for superior clinical and aesthetic results
  • Allows problem-free healing

Removes unwanted tissue with ease with minimal bleeding and reduced post operative healing.

Total Body Reformation Central Coast Sydney
Total Body Reformation Central Coast Sydney

Orthodontic Treatment

Crooked/ misalign or crowded teeth? Always thought about getting braces done? Choose from the options below to have straight and beautiful smile in no time.

We are proud to be the Invisalign Gold provider in Malaysia .  Choose from Invisalign Lite, i7 or full. 

Utilising Damon system (USA) , Adenta (Germany) . Self ligating system that shows faster results and is a less painful treatment. 

Damon Plus (USA), Lotus (USA) are our main choices for safe, FDA approved metal brackets. High grade stainless steel braces with predictable, faster results that has minimal discomfort. 

Implant Therapy

Do you have a missing tooth that requires replacement? Worry not, we have you covered .

Using cutting edge technology and a minimally invasive procedure using long lasting implant system from the USA. Replacement of missing teeth is now possible.